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The Answer is Attention.

Here is what you’re missing out on if you’re not on first page: 

 First Page Search Results on Google Capture 92% of all traffic.

The No.1 Result on First Pages captures an incredible 32% of all traffic.

Top 3 Results on First Page capture over 50% of all traffic.

Quality of leads from SEO are 9 x higher than outbound leads.

Over 50% of searchers will engage a local business within 24 hours of search

SEO NEVER SLEEPS – its you’re hardest working salesperson, generating FREE LEADS 24/7.

seo melbourne


Inbound marketing methods such as search engine optimisation (SEO), Google Adwords and Content Marketing cost 62% less than traditional outbound marketing.

Mashable Research

Inbound marketing channels generate 54% more leads than outbound marketing.

Hubspot Research

Over 61% of customers will engage a company that delivers custom high quality content that proves expertise.

Custom Content Council Research


With Google updating its algorithms over 600 times per year, it doesn’t take long to lose “expertise” when it comes to SEO.

At the Digital Squad, we’ve invested over 9,000 hours (and counting) of research and testing into the $100 billion Google Algorithm that runs the internet.

We believe we’re at the leading edge of SEO research in New Zealand and Australia.

As a matter of fact, we’re so good at this that we provide all our clients a Guarantee against Google Penalty for absolute peace of mind.

Get in touch with our team today to find out the brands that trust us, case studies and truly discover how we can help you dominate competition.


Ever wondered why your SEO company’s backlink tactics aren’t working?

According to research, over 62% of customers will engage with a company that produces custom, high quality to highlight expertise. In fact, customers are 12X more likely to search for “specific search terms” such as “SEO SERVICES MELBOURNE” over branded ones such as “DIGITAL SQUAD”.

Our team at Digital Squad specialises in building content to ensure our clients have the highest engagements in their industry.

With over 18 specialist content writers matched against our clients, we produce powerful and engaging content rather than automatically spun content used by many agencies.

Build Engagement to Build Trust. Be loved by your Clients. Get rewarded by Google.

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